Pulling away – how to manage time off

Taking time off is important, whether it is a few hours a day, a few days, or an extended period of time, it helps us recalibrate, recharge, and gives us perspective and appreciate what we have to come back to. … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Butt Plugs

This guide is designed to give you the basics of what to look for in a butt plug, mistakes to avoid, and helpful suggestions for ensuring success in discovering the joy of plugging up your butt.

It is important to Read More

Pockets of pleasure

I had a teacher who once began the year by announcing to the class that she had really large pockets for taking all of our toys away. Well… i was thinking maybe her tight corduroy pants couldn’t possibly hold all … Read More


Floggers are amazing impact toys. They can provide a variety of different feelings. As well as made from a variety of different materials. You can also easily improvise with various materials.

Floggers can be thuddy, stingy, soft, rough, and even … Read More

Keep Those Elastics

I have found many kinky uses for rubber bands. I’ve met many subs who fear their lack of access to kinky toys limits their experiences and their worth – it is not so.

We are only limited by our imagination. … Read More

Toy care, cleaning and lube guide

Toy care guide and cleaning advice

Within Diva’s Dungeon a practice that is well known and followed is SSC. Why bring up SSC when talking about toys you are probably wondering? Well, being safe, sane and consensual in part means … Read More