Pockets of pleasure

I had a teacher who once began the year by announcing to the class that she had really large pockets for taking all of our toys away. Well… i was thinking maybe her tight corduroy pants couldn’t possibly hold all my toys. They must have holes in them. What if i gave her some of […]


Floggers are amazing impact toys. They can provide a variety of different feelings. As well as made from a variety of different materials. You can also easily improvise with various materials. Floggers can be thuddy, stingy, soft, rough, and even tickling. It all depending on length, weight of material, weight of falls, and number of […]

Keep Those Elastics

I have found many kinky uses for rubber bands. I’ve met many subs who fear their lack of access to kinky toys limits their experiences and their worth – it is not so. We are only limited by our imagination. These are probably my favorite panties, and if you look at them closely enough, you […]