How can you be so crotchless?

Every morning there’s always one female who checks my bulge. It’s the same female, we are colleagues, known each other for more than ten years and i noticed as my pants have gotten tighten, her glances have become more blatant.… Read More

Putting boys in blue

I remember going to a store with my mother and she wanted me to pick out wallpaper. It would be too expensive to decorate the whole room, so it was just a trim at the ceiling i was choosing, and … Read More

BDSM Psychology – The Benefits of Kink

I decided to focus my research around the benefits of participating in BDSM from an emotional and mental state of well being, what the psychological effects are, and how to get the most out of BDSM to promote a healthy … Read More

Cover me up

There’s a song i love by Jason Isbel with this title, and the chorus goes; “cover me up, and know your’re enough, to use me for good”, it speaks to me and the way i am feel vulnerable at the … Read More

Twisted. Sister!

Sometimes the things we see as strange or over the top in others are the things we could learn the most from. 

I am someone who struggles to speak in front of others, i search for the right words, i … Read More

“The slave contract” What Happens Next

Mistress doesn’t like restraints. She likes to order Her subs to stand there, hold their position while She tortures their body with various implements of mass destruction. Floggers, whips, canes, paddles?? Not in this case, just 6 inches black Louboutin Read More

The ability to improvise is a sub-surprise

Taking initiative can be an empowering experience for a submissive if they have the trust of their Dominant. There are so many questions a submissive asks before making an independent decision on behalf of themselves and their D, but the … Read More

Pearls of passion

I got carried away with these pictures. I was late for work, there was an important meeting, i was in a very brief panic, but i stopped to review the pictures, i maintained the protocol and through prioritization and effort … Read More

Feeding those trolls

We hold the power over out feelings and we always will, until we allow someone to assert their  feelings over top our own. The old adage – if you ignore it, they will go away – is actually true. The … Read More