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Our Kinky Family

First, thank you…

I joined Diva’s Dungeon two years ago, I never thought it would have such the amazing impact on my life that it has. The members here have always had a knack for bringing out the best in each other, this was due to their remarkable ability to be vulnerable with one another and share their journey in a way I had never seen before.» Read More

Weekly Recap: Medieval Times


Lots of buzz in the Divas Dungeon last week. Many new subs entering their trial period. Dommes Learning the ropes and joining the Family on our kinky journey! Our trail subs are rocking it and showing they belong inside the Divas Dungeon!» Read More

Weekly Recap: Rope Week


Divas Dungeon would like to extend a warm welcome to Madame Folk, the newest Domme to join our kinky family! Happy to have you with us during our journey Madame Folk. Along with Madame Folk, Justin and Nick have joined the Dungeon as the newest trial subs, continuing their journey here at the Divas Dungeon.» Read More

Weekly Recap: Fashion week


What a fun week in the Divas Dungeon! We would like to give a shoutout to our newest Domme, Mistress Terena! Welcome aboard Mistress Terena, we are excited to have You with us on our kinky journey and looking forward to your guidance.» Read More

Weekly Recap: Psychology


Would like to give a special shoutout to mark and danny, you two are rocking it! Keep up the great work! Both Danny and mark have stepped up in our Dommeslife chat room, added some new daily discussion topics as well.» Read More

The Human Mind on BDSM

For this assignment, I read four articles about BDSM and the psychology behind it. All four of them focused on the effects of what it is like to be in a BDSM relationship. starts with the question by asking “Are they sick?” and going into an explanation of how Freud’s psychology would view it as a resounding yes.» Read More

Inside the scoops

It’s such an unlikely source of pleasure, if one considers everything we knew about our butts before we knew it’s full potential. For its beauty, its ability to take a beating and for the hidden gems that lie beneath, exploring the cavernous reaches of our backsides is a wonderful endeavour.» Read More

On being an open book

I am addressing all of you who choose to read this, and i am thankful that you do. Recently i started posting my blog publicly and not just to our Dungeon website, a trove of information about our private Femdom group and resources for public consumption.» Read More

Why glitter

If someone came up to you and said: “I want you to go get the messiest thing in world, smear it all over yourself first thing in the morning, don’t clean it off until the end of the day so it gets into everything, your clothes, your house, your car, your bed, your hair your food, everything” would you thank them after?» Read More

Auralism Kinky Fiction

The instructions were simple. Do not move.

His visit to his Dommes house was like any other. Upon arriving he knocked on the center of the front door. Three knocks, each one second apart and not too hard. As he waited patiently to be granted permission to enter the house, he took a moment to appreciate the sound of a two birds singing to each other in the tree above.» Read More