Weekly Topic: Abrasion Play

This week we will explore a more fringe fetish, abrasion play. It requires a lot of concentration and aftercare to properly practice and do so in a safe manner. A variety of implements, some natural and some DIY solutions will be applied to the exploration of this fetish. The goal is to learn from new […]

The Arts Week

Shoutouts We would like to congratulate our newest permanent Dungeon sub, danny! Way to go! danny jumped in with both feet and has really embraced the lifestyle. Welcome to the F/family danny! Our newest trial sub mark is doing a wonderful job, hard working, he has really hit the ground running. Keep up the good […]

Getting let out of the cage to stretch

Being a submissive or a slave can be all encompassing, all engaging and all fulfilling. Similarly chastity, as an extension, places parameters around arousal, sexual tension, and release. The thought of enjoyment outside of submission, or control for many over time is undesirable, and can be raught in anxiety. Two reasons for this are the […]