Power Exchange

  In my view, power exchange is simply handing over power of an aspect, or multiple aspects, of your life to your partner for them to control. Now, with that being said, there are various ways ones can engage in a power exchange relationship, and to varying degrees. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to […]

A visit to the Playgirl Mansion

The envelope was hand delivered under my door at night, plain white oversized and matte with only the trademark bunny symbol in purple on one side. I opened it to reveal a one sided cardstock invitation also starkly white in matte finish with text in the the same colour purple that read: “Happy birthday cupcake, […]

What it Means to Appreciate Women

The topic of appreciating Women is extremely interesting to me. I have seen many male subs refer to feeling inferior, or feeling the need to submit to all Women and i never questioned it, but also never fully associated kink and gender as being linked. That being said, there are aspects of BDSM, specifically as […]