Understanding obedience and discipline

Obedience is implied, discipline is explicit, that’s the general basis of a definition i am going to explore. The reason for going in this direction is a common struggle many submissives feel, a lack of direction or difficulty to maintain … Read More

Power Exchange


In my view, power exchange is simply handing over power of an aspect, or multiple aspects, of your life to your partner for them to control. Now, with that being said, there are various ways ones can engage in Read More

A visit to the Playgirl Mansion

The envelope was hand delivered under my door at night, plain white oversized and matte with only the trademark bunny symbol in purple on one side.

I opened it to reveal a one sided cardstock invitation also starkly white in … Read More

Submissive Poses Week

This week I requested the submissives to practice their submissive poses. The poses were reviewed by myself and the other Dommes, feedback was given to each of the submissives who participated.

I chose to do submissive poses because it’s … Read More

What it Means to Appreciate Women

The topic of appreciating Women is extremely interesting to me. I have seen many male subs refer to feeling inferior, or feeling the need to submit to all Women and i never questioned it, but also never fully associated kink … Read More

Sticks and strings

This task had me thinking for days, watching endless how to’s and reading about custom toys, furniture and hundreds of other crazy fun things. Once I had some ideas i started through what I had available to work with and … Read More

Alone with an orgasm

Alone with an orgasm

Recently I had the opportunity as a group task to attempt to orgasm through anal stimulation alone. Now when I say alone I am referring to completely alone both in other types of stimulation and physically … Read More