The delicate nature of ribbons

Bows can be so pretty, but ribbons don’t always stand for joy. Something seemingly delicate and frail can hold so much power if placed on a pedestal.  Holding together important gifts and garments ribbons can bind and prevent things from unravelling and falling apart. Ribbons can carry meaning, symbolic signs of hope or cut when […]

Pretty cocky

It’s a dilemma many submissives face, how much of their personality to let shine through, how much control is too much control to asset within a D/s negotiation. The extremes are well known and often presented, slaves with no limits of any kind, and submissive who challenge through various forms of topping. In the middle, […]

That’s not your job

Submissives in D/s relationship often feel the need to take responsibility over the happiness of their Dominant. It has nothing to do with topping from the bottom, or taking control, you can’t be responsible for your D’s happiness because it’s not your job. I could get into a Good Will Hunting rant on it’s not […]

Weekly Topic: Psychology of Kink

This week we are exploring the psychology of kink in the Dungeon. Exploring the meaning behind different feelings through researching and understanding the connection to the mind behind the various aspects of D/s, as well as kinks and fetishes. The tasks for this week assigned by Lady A will require the submissives to share how […]

When you commit to change

Controlling yourself is not the same as having control, and the two can easily be confused. Lost submissives appear like zombies in the night, thirst has turned to drought and desperation is apparent, when self discipline is beyond reach. I see it in the passive approach lost submissives take with approaching Dominants, but i also […]

Plainly speaking

Something i notice when i travel are the different ways people acknowledge each other, from greeting to gratitude, it is easy to misunderstand and make judgement based on customs alone. Mostly i would say these are pet peeves of mine, but i do notice exchanges within the community that raise a Spockian eyebrow from me […]