In the abyss of silence – service with a severing sideglance

Your presence is air, your silence is deafening and suffocating. For service oriented kinksters, a never ending dialogue occurs in absentia. The desire to be needed and relied upon extends to time present, and time away. 

People who are service oriented thrive on seeing their efforts impacting others positively, are passionate about assignments and responsibilities, and thrive when acknowledged for their efforts.» Read More

Rubbing you the wrong way

Opposable thumbs are a gift to humans because of the ability to master the use of tools, genitals, and also the ability to knead and manipulate sore muscles in a relaxing massage. They are however fleeting, a tease, and perhaps a form of unintended denial. 

How often have you really had a massage that lasted until you were fully satisfied?» Read More

Stripping it down to the studs

This was not in reaction to, but is nonetheless a good response to an advance i received based on nothing more than the protocol and the practice of submissive males wearing panties. I have often said that my mood can be affected by the clothing i wear, but the purpose to me doesn’t change.» Read More

Congratulations, it’s a brat!

With bright eyes and the purest intentions, they come into our lives full of energy, and ready to affix themselves to, and insert their imprint on what was and is to become the new status quo.

Taking bigger and bolder steps as they grow, they start to test the boundaries, get a little bolder, and maybe a little louder, things are about to get a little messy.» Read More

Active vs Passive Submission

Active submission means that a sub is actively engaged with their Dominant. This can be done though negotiation, scene planning, doing extra things above the expectations to make their Dominant happy. They understand that a dynamic is a journey and not the destination, seeking to grow with their Dominant and be part of the ongoing conversation.» Read More

On being an open book

I am addressing all of you who choose to read this, and i am thankful that you do. Recently i started posting my blog publicly and not just to our Dungeon website, a trove of information about our private Femdom group and resources for public consumption.» Read More

The reward and making You smile

One of the goals for today is updating my reward chart, it’s a list of possible outcomes that after completing a task i can enjoy as a reward. When my reward board was created, it had varying rewards ranging from physical pleasure to fetishes and new toy purchases.» Read More

Slingshot submission

I chose the term slingshot to fit a narrative, but i have heard the term selective submission used more commonly to describe the act of choosing when and where a sub serves.

Something i have been considering is how effectively i apply consistency to my effort.» Read More

Worshiping the glit

As much as i love glitter, i am not a member of the gliterroti, and i do not have an affinity for glitophilia. When i sparkle, i sparkle for Mistress.

It’s not a single act of service or a solitary purposeful slutformation, it’s carefully applying the right lipstick to my cock head, dipping my penis into a jar of glitter, washing the floor, cleaning the floor, vacuuming the floor, washing myself in the shower, cleaning the shower, vacuuming the shower and disposing of the panties.» Read More