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Hemp Jute Rope
It ties me up Feels so good Tight around me Intoxicating smell Makes me go

Tie me all up Bind my limbs Make me helpless Make me Yours With that hemp jute rope


Mostly untreated jute.

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Lifestyle Discussion Topics

Define blood play? When I hear blood play i think of some type of WAM play. And that’s a nope for me. Now if moving on to something like blood cupping or needles, I’m okay with it just as long as I know ahead of time and can prepare for it.

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Weekly Recap: Rope Week


Divas Dungeon would like to extend a warm welcome to Madame Folk, the newest Domme to join our kinky family! Happy to have you with us during our journey Madame Folk. Along with Madame Folk, Justin and Nick have joined the Dungeon as the newest trial subs, continuing their journey here at the Divas Dungeon.» Read More

Slip not

I have conducted a lot of interviews professionally and one of the easiest questions to answer is what are your weaknesses, but it’s a farce – the question should be ‘what are you hiding?’ There are other ways to get to this answer, and the toughest question is asking, ‘what is the one question you don’t want me to ask you?’

When an interview is going south and there’s no reconciling it, i whip this bad boy out.» Read More

Being a heart ass

Taking pleasure in someone’s mistakes is amazing especially after you told them it would happen. That’s right, you should feel good about it because you were right.

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Bastinado – My continued learning and enjoyment of impact play

It can be difficult to understand how someone can be passionate about the same things for a sustained length of time and still find it enjoyable. Careers often are formed or abandoned based on the fear of combining passion and pleasure with growth and development, similarly kinks and fetishes can be enjoyed and expanded in levels if satisfaction over time. 

One of this week’s tasks focused around impact play, i was happy to have the opportunity to participate in something i enjoy, but made sure first to research something new that might increase my knowledge and experience in the fetish.» Read More

BDSM Psychology – The Benefits of Kink

I decided to focus my research around the benefits of participating in BDSM from an emotional and mental state of well being, what the psychological effects are, and how to get the most out of BDSM to promote a healthy mindset.» Read More

Bridges make good neighbors

Time to move on or time is a luxury, people move in and out of our lives and our circles on an ongoing basis, we should expect it and encourage it. The things that i need have never changed, but they way i want to achieve them has.» Read More

That old shed in the woods

Those movies where the friends dare each other to go into a haunted house on occasion depict scenes of triumph and moments of confidence and achievement. It’s typically not a mission participants willingly sign up for. 

What i recall the most about those scenes are two things.» Read More

Whack a moles and glorious holes

Trying new things can be… trying. I love surprises, i am also the type of person who learns from hands on experiences and trial and error. In seeking out new experiences, i tend to look for things that are attainable, but even experiences that are easily within reach and be difficult and have obstacles.» Read More