Weekly Recap: Medieval Times


Lots of buzz in the Divas Dungeon last week. Many new subs entering their trial period. Dommes Learning the ropes and joining the Family on our kinky journey! Our trail subs are rocking it and showing they belong inside the Divas Dungeon!» Read More

Glitter Mania

Pro wrestling was all the rage when i was growing up. Funny thing was as kids we all knew it was fake but when we pretended to be wrestlers, it was very real. Who wants to lose anyway right?

I didn’t like taking about it, or engaging in discussions about it with friends because i didn’t understand the reaction to something that seemed so fake, taking it seriously, and them getting upset about it.» Read More

Lifestyle Discussion Topics

Define blood play? When I hear blood play i think of some type of WAM play. And that’s a nope for me. Now if moving on to something like blood cupping or needles, I’m okay with it just as long as I know ahead of time and can prepare for it.

» Read More

Weekly Recap: Rope Week


Divas Dungeon would like to extend a warm welcome to Madame Folk, the newest Domme to join our kinky family! Happy to have you with us during our journey Madame Folk. Along with Madame Folk, Justin and Nick have joined the Dungeon as the newest trial subs, continuing their journey here at the Divas Dungeon.» Read More

Slip not

I have conducted a lot of interviews professionally and one of the easiest questions to answer is what are your weaknesses, but it’s a farce – the question should be ‘what are you hiding?’ There are other ways to get to this answer, and the toughest question is asking, ‘what is the one question you don’t want me to ask you?’

When an interview is going south and there’s no reconciling it, i whip this bad boy out.» Read More

Struggle all you want

Whatever your kinks, your role, your current status, you will struggle. What did you expect?

I started into the lifestyle because i was complacent, allowing things i had determined as needs to go unfulfilled and desires to go unexplored. So it’s no surprise there will be days where we struggle, the amazing thing about BDSM is the research a resources that help to manage that struggle. 

Aftercare, self care, protocols, there’s so much in place to help us continue our journey.» Read More

BDSM Psychology – The Benefits of Kink

I decided to focus my research around the benefits of participating in BDSM from an emotional and mental state of well being, what the psychological effects are, and how to get the most out of BDSM to promote a healthy mindset.» Read More

Pretty cocky

It’s a dilemma many submissives face, how much of their personality to let shine through, how much control is too much control to asset within a D/s negotiation. The extremes are well known and often presented, slaves with no limits of any kind, and submissive who challenge through various forms of topping.» Read More

Let’s get real

Say what you mean because it’s not a game. Although it may seem as though you are playing the role by communicating in the style you see as appropriate, you are truly playing a role.

It is true that within power exchange, there is protocol that determines the words, the titles, and the format, but only you can determine the meaning and purpose behind your words.» Read More

Feeding those trolls

We hold the power over out feelings and we always will, until we allow someone to assert their  feelings over top our own. The old adage – if you ignore it, they will go away – is actually true. The power you have is how you respond.» Read More