Weekly Topic: Rope

We will be spending our time learning and practicing various types of rope ties. The submissives will research different types and styles before practicing and ensuring safety is a consideration.There will be components of leg, crotch and chest ties, Bryan … Read More

Struggle all you want

Whatever your kinks, your role, your current status, you will struggle. What did you expect?

I started into the lifestyle because i was complacent, allowing things i had determined as needs to go unfulfilled and desires to go unexplored. So … Read More

BDSM Psychology – The Benefits of Kink

I decided to focus my research around the benefits of participating in BDSM from an emotional and mental state of well being, what the psychological effects are, and how to get the most out of BDSM to promote a healthy … Read More

What did you expect?

It goes without saying what you thought of the BDSM community is not what you found, and what you thought you would like is different from reality, and the journey is something that takes a life of its own. Those … Read More

D-types and their lists

There is a common misconception that Dominants instinctively know what to do and have the memory of elephants. Many make claims to support this theory, but the truth is the most involved and experienced Dominants usually set goals and challenges … Read More

Smooth skin secrets

I’ve done research and according to everything i have read my daily routine in the shower is as good as i can do for taking care of my skin, but i feel like there are tips and tricks out here … Read More

Whack a moles and glorious holes

Trying new things can be… trying. I love surprises, i am also the type of person who learns from hands on experiences and trial and error. In seeking out new experiences, i tend to look for things that are attainable, … Read More

Looking through the finer details

It’s common for submissives to become passive when it comes to understanding what is behind many of the finer details of BDSM. In part this is due to a desire to be given permission to experience it fetishes, or seek … Read More