Being such an animal

Sometimes it’s obvious what Mistress is thinking and sometimes it’s easier to ask. When i don’t know and i don’t ask, i usually get told. What submissive doesn’t like being told what to do right? That’s not what i am told. I am told what i need, through verbal and non verbal cues i am […]

Glitter Mania

Pro wrestling was all the rage when i was growing up. Funny thing was as kids we all knew it was fake but when we pretended to be wrestlers, it was very real. Who wants to lose anyway right? I didn’t like taking about it, or engaging in discussions about it with friends because i […]

Let it heel

It can be fairly amusing to watch someone walk in heels for the first time, but truthfully anyone who has tried will tell you they almost broke their neck. Entering a marathon wouldn’t make much sense, taking the dog for a walk, or doing routine chores, it would be dangerous wearing heels for the first […]

Tearing you a new one

We are exploring the nature of torture this week and its many purposes and types within BDSM. There is a connection often drawn between punishment and torture that intrigues me, partly because i enjoy torture in a very primal sense, to suffer for Her would bring me pleasure if it did for Her as well. […]