Laughing through pain

I’ve known many who when confronted with pain, react immediately with uncontrollable laughter. I have also seen it described in various forms as a nervous reaction but the reasons given point to something much deeper. Nervous laughter itself is both a physical and emotional reaction to something we don’t want to accept is happening, either […]

The delicate nature of ribbons

Bows can be so pretty, but ribbons don’t always stand for joy. Something seemingly delicate and frail can hold so much power if placed on a pedestal.  Holding together important gifts and garments ribbons can bind and prevent things from unravelling and falling apart. Ribbons can carry meaning, symbolic signs of hope or cut when […]

That’s not your job

Submissives in D/s relationship often feel the need to take responsibility over the happiness of their Dominant. It has nothing to do with topping from the bottom, or taking control, you can’t be responsible for your D’s happiness because it’s not your job. I could get into a Good Will Hunting rant on it’s not […]

Take me like a princess

Delicate things need to be handled with care, to be honest i consider us all delicate things. There are a lot of romantic themes in BDSM, chivalry and tradition in etiquette and protocol, sacrifice and duty in selflessness and ownership, the dynamic between D/s itself is at its core fragile and unpredictable.   If left unattended, […]

The “manly man” What Happen Next

Securely fastened to the hard wood pole, splinters digging into his back with each move. The hemp rope digging it way into his chest with each breathe he takes, running down and under his painful swollen balls and back up and around  securely holding him in position.  Each Mistress taking turns swatting at his swollen red […]