Being a heart ass

Taking pleasure in someone’s mistakes is amazing especially after you told them it would happen. That’s right, you should feel good about it because you were right. If all you really wanted was to be right, you wouldn’t have offered your opinion in the first place. Some feel that being a hard ass it the […]

Pretty cocky

It’s a dilemma many submissives face, how much of their personality to let shine through, how much control is too much control to asset within a D/s negotiation. The extremes are well known and often presented, slaves with no limits of any kind, and submissive who challenge through various forms of topping. In the middle, […]

Power Exchange

  In my view, power exchange is simply handing over power of an aspect, or multiple aspects, of your life to your partner for them to control. Now, with that being said, there are various ways ones can engage in a power exchange relationship, and to varying degrees. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to […]

Leaving little to the imagination

There is a middle ground in the communication between Dominant and submissive where creation lies, where ideas become negotiations, and scenes play out uninhibited. Scripting such performances can feel inauthentic, and presenting a blank page lacks enticement. What, where, when and why, these are the most important questions for a D/s discussion. What it should […]

Being heard

We have all felt at some point in time that our voices, opinions, or feelings are not being heard, acknowledged or appreciated. Myself, i feel a lot of the time i express an opinion or feeling without explaining its origin. The result is that i often feel misunderstood, and one cannot feel acknowledgement or appreciation […]

Thick skin

One of the amazing aspects of being among the kink community at large is the acceptance and inclusivity of all variations of diversity. It does not mean we are free from judgement or prejudice however, and we should remember that it requires discipline and dedication to remain in a positive headspace and routine. So many […]

What’s in a kinky name?

I am all about nicknames, for most of my life i have had one to the extent that some of my closest friends went years without knowing that it wasn’t my real name. It’s a name i associate with my youth, with accomplishments of the past and i can quickly assume a lighter more jovial […]