Slip not

I have conducted a lot of interviews professionally and one of the easiest questions to answer is what are your weaknesses, but it’s a farce – the question should be ‘what are you hiding?’ There are other ways to get to this answer, and the toughest question is asking, ‘what is the one question you […]

The calm before

My mindset is such that i promote the positive and it is an ongoing dialogue – so yeah, you’re not alone in talking to yourself. If you read out loud in your head however, then you should really  consider… just kidding, i do that too. What i say to myself are positive thoughts to motivate […]

Stripping the milk for free

The anonymity of social media has led to new behaviours and created new norms that we accept as a society – though happily most of them have not made their way into our mainstream lives. The pervasive ‘dic pic’ for instance hasn’t become an invitation to whip it out over coffee. However, it’s an interesting […]

Adding some color

I grew up watching a lot of old movies in black and white, my perception and visualization of the past also became images and scenes read or recounted playing in my mind in gray-scale. It’s like the saying hindsight is always 20/20, i find myself more and more reserving judgement in favor of adding color […]