Roles in life similar in BDSM?

A person who is Dominant or submissive in ‘real life’ will prefer a similar role in BDSM The Myth Personality Types and Their Roles in BDSM I have heard the argument both ways, that Dominants and submissives are determined by their personality types – remaining consistent to or being opposite – in their everyday / […]

A Guide to Impact Play

Before engaging in impact play, there are a couple considerations, and some essential items to ensure safety as well as enjoyment. Warm Up As with any BDSM activity, start low and slow, especially with impact play. Sudden sharp blows without warm up strokes is very rarely considered pleasurable by most SM standards and can also […]


 largely understudied fetish, dacryphilia can often be broken down into 2-5 subcategories (depending on who you ask). 1.sexual arousal from someone displaying strong emotion2.sexual arousal from the emotional release that accompanies crying (i.e., an emotional catharsis). There are a couple more specific subcategories(voyeuristic, lower lip, ext…), but these two specifically seem to be the most […]