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Hemp Jute Rope
It ties me up Feels so good Tight around me Intoxicating smell Makes me go

Tie me all up Bind my limbs Make me helpless Make me Yours With that hemp jute rope


Mostly untreated jute.

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Lifestyle Discussion Topics

Define blood play? When I hear blood play i think of some type of WAM play. And that’s a nope for me. Now if moving on to something like blood cupping or needles, I’m okay with it just as long as I know ahead of time and can prepare for it.

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Pearls of frustration

I was asked by Mistress, were these pearls of wisdom or pearls of frustration. They were definitely pearls of frustration – the inability to change something, an ongoing struggle. Struggle is something to be embraced as you push your boundaries and test your limits, change is to be expected after you have confronted your anxieties head on.» Read More

Pretty cocky

It’s a dilemma many submissives face, how much of their personality to let shine through, how much control is too much control to asset within a D/s negotiation. The extremes are well known and often presented, slaves with no limits of any kind, and submissive who challenge through various forms of topping.» Read More

Power Exchange


In my view, power exchange is simply handing over power of an aspect, or multiple aspects, of your life to your partner for them to control. Now, with that being said, there are various ways ones can engage in a power exchange relationship, and to varying degrees.» Read More

Starley Se-Quinn

The concept of having greatness thrust upon you, and living up to expectations is one that intrigues me and always has. I rue the idea that expectations are something to aspire to, when so many feel anxious to do so. However, being given a larger than life goal or persona, it is often the case that we rise above expectations. 

Having things thrust upon me is something i truly enjoy… pushing myself to think a little deeper, try a little harder, overcome an obstacle is far more appealing to me than achieving a known goal.» Read More

Absolutism and a fear of being tied down

Very few things in life are black and white, but as rule followers or rule breakers, we regularly define our actions by the reason for or against competing priorities. A fear of being seen as a someone without ideals or values causes us to choose a position, and rarely change course after.» Read More

Why do you wish to submit to the will of a woman?

I was sent this question through a post on Reddit by Mistress and i wanted to approach this from a different stance than previously i have. The OP was asking for responses from males specifically so it is a question of gender and preference and why it is important.» Read More

Why glitter

If someone came up to you and said: “I want you to go get the messiest thing in world, smear it all over yourself first thing in the morning, don’t clean it off until the end of the day so it gets into everything, your clothes, your house, your car, your bed, your hair your food, everything” would you thank them after?» Read More

Exposing the holes in searching for new goals

There’s an excitement and energy that comes from trying something new, whether it’s a new person who excites you, a new fetish you want to explore, a limit you want to push, our goals help keep us moving forward.

A balanced approach has to be maintained while establishing goals, ensuring that you don’t set yourself up for failure by chasing a limit that may pose risks too great, and also maintaining the value is the skills and practices you already added to your arsenal.» Read More