Weekly Recap: Medieval Times


Lots of buzz in the Divas Dungeon last week. Many new subs entering their trial period. Dommes Learning the ropes and joining the Family on our kinky journey! Our trail subs are rocking it and showing they belong inside the Divas Dungeon!» Read More

Lifestyle Discussion Topics

Hemp Jute Rope
It ties me up Feels so good Tight around me Intoxicating smell Makes me go

Tie me all up Bind my limbs Make me helpless Make me Yours With that hemp jute rope


Mostly untreated jute.

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Lifestyle Discussion Topics

Define blood play? When I hear blood play i think of some type of WAM play. And that’s a nope for me. Now if moving on to something like blood cupping or needles, I’m okay with it just as long as I know ahead of time and can prepare for it.

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Weekly Recap: Rope Week


Divas Dungeon would like to extend a warm welcome to Madame Folk, the newest Domme to join our kinky family! Happy to have you with us during our journey Madame Folk. Along with Madame Folk, Justin and Nick have joined the Dungeon as the newest trial subs, continuing their journey here at the Divas Dungeon.» Read More

Cock Rings and Naughty Secrets

If I were stranded on an island I would want to bring some rope along with me to ensure survival. It could be used to build shelter and maybe even assist in catching some food. Assuming though food and shelter isn’t an immediate concern and I could just enjoy my kinky time on the island alone it would have to be a dildo lol.

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Struggle all you want

Whatever your kinks, your role, your current status, you will struggle. What did you expect?

I started into the lifestyle because i was complacent, allowing things i had determined as needs to go unfulfilled and desires to go unexplored. So it’s no surprise there will be days where we struggle, the amazing thing about BDSM is the research a resources that help to manage that struggle. 

Aftercare, self care, protocols, there’s so much in place to help us continue our journey.» Read More

In the abyss of silence – service with a severing sideglance

Your presence is air, your silence is deafening and suffocating. For service oriented kinksters, a never ending dialogue occurs in absentia. The desire to be needed and relied upon extends to time present, and time away. 

People who are service oriented thrive on seeing their efforts impacting others positively, are passionate about assignments and responsibilities, and thrive when acknowledged for their efforts.» Read More

The Arts Week


We would like to congratulate our newest permanent Dungeon sub, danny! Way to go! danny jumped in with both feet and has really embraced the lifestyle. Welcome to the F/family danny! Our newest trial sub mark is doing a wonderful job, hard working, he has really hit the ground running.» Read More

Pulling away – how to manage time off

Taking time off is important, whether it is a few hours a day, a few days, or an extended period of time, it helps us recalibrate, recharge, and gives us perspective and appreciate what we have to come back to. It can be a challenge to take time away from things that are routine or in the lifestyle to put a pause on protocols Read More

Calming the farm

I can recall a time when i simply wanted more. I had found an oasis of trust and dove in head first. This is not my typical behavior, i am meticulous by nature, calculating and cautious, which of course is the allure of the lifestyle.» Read More