Floggers are amazing impact toys. They can provide a variety of different feelings. As well as made from a variety of different materials. You can also easily improvise with various materials.

Floggers can be thuddy, stingy, soft, rough, and even tickling.» Read More

Finally the Beginning

The Fuckening Part I

“Now get on the bed, you need to expose your ass to me” She said as She unclipped the leash from his collar. He leapt onto the bed and dutifully exposed his ass to Her, his metal princess plug still in.» Read More

A Guide to Impact Play

Before engaging in impact play, there are a couple considerations, and some essential items to ensure safety as well as enjoyment.

Warm Up

As with any BDSM activity, start low and slow, especially with impact play. Sudden sharp blows without warm up strokes is very rarely considered pleasurable by most SM standards and can also do greater damage to the body, long term harm, end a scene earlier than intended, and generally discourage others from wanting to play if a reputation of this kind is developed.» Read More