Weekly Topic: Abrasion Play

This week we will explore a more fringe fetish, abrasion play. It requires a lot of concentration and aftercare to properly practice and do so in a safe manner.

A variety of implements, some natural and some DIY solutions will be applied to the exploration of this fetish.» Read More

Lifestyle Discussion Topics

Define blood play? When I hear blood play i think of some type of WAM play. And that’s a nope for me. Now if moving on to something like blood cupping or needles, I’m okay with it just as long as I know ahead of time and can prepare for it.

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Weekly Recap: Rope Week


Divas Dungeon would like to extend a warm welcome to Madame Folk, the newest Domme to join our kinky family! Happy to have you with us during our journey Madame Folk. Along with Madame Folk, Justin and Nick have joined the Dungeon as the newest trial subs, continuing their journey here at the Divas Dungeon.» Read More

In the abyss of silence – service with a severing sideglance

Your presence is air, your silence is deafening and suffocating. For service oriented kinksters, a never ending dialogue occurs in absentia. The desire to be needed and relied upon extends to time present, and time away. 

People who are service oriented thrive on seeing their efforts impacting others positively, are passionate about assignments and responsibilities, and thrive when acknowledged for their efforts.» Read More

Bastinado – My continued learning and enjoyment of impact play

It can be difficult to understand how someone can be passionate about the same things for a sustained length of time and still find it enjoyable. Careers often are formed or abandoned based on the fear of combining passion and pleasure with growth and development, similarly kinks and fetishes can be enjoyed and expanded in levels if satisfaction over time. 

One of this week’s tasks focused around impact play, i was happy to have the opportunity to participate in something i enjoy, but made sure first to research something new that might increase my knowledge and experience in the fetish.» Read More

Stripping it down to the studs

This was not in reaction to, but is nonetheless a good response to an advance i received based on nothing more than the protocol and the practice of submissive males wearing panties. I have often said that my mood can be affected by the clothing i wear, but the purpose to me doesn’t change.» Read More

Absolutism and a fear of being tied down

Very few things in life are black and white, but as rule followers or rule breakers, we regularly define our actions by the reason for or against competing priorities. A fear of being seen as a someone without ideals or values causes us to choose a position, and rarely change course after.» Read More

Wearing socks in bed and other horrible fetishes

No, i don’t mean it, i would never describe fetishes as being horrible. There might be horrible people doing horrible things, but one thing i will never do is shame someone for their fetish.

I’m the type of person who gets in bed with cold feet (sorry), and then an hour later i am a raging inferno, so the idea of wearing socks to bed sounds horrible to me.» Read More

Bouncing balls, and dribbling on the hard wood

There’s no reason why kink can’t be silly, or even an amazing way to stay fit. One of my earliest fantasies was playing a game of tennis with a female friend of mine who was much better than i was, wearing tight and torn shorts that embarrassingly disintegrate and expose me as i struggle for in a losing effort.» Read More