Twisted. Sister!

Sometimes the things we see as strange or over the top in others are the things we could learn the most from.  I am someone who struggles to speak in front of others, i search for the right words, i wonder if my meaning is clear. Those who blab on freely without thinking and say […]

That’s not your job

Submissives in D/s relationship often feel the need to take responsibility over the happiness of their Dominant. It has nothing to do with topping from the bottom, or taking control, you can’t be responsible for your D’s happiness because it’s not your job. I could get into a Good Will Hunting rant on it’s not […]

D-types and their lists

There is a common misconception that Dominants instinctively know what to do and have the memory of elephants. Many make claims to support this theory, but the truth is the most involved and experienced Dominants usually set goals and challenges for their subs because they have the same expectations for themselves. Many submissives view the […]