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Alone with an orgasm

Alone with an orgasm

Recently I had the opportunity as a group task to attempt to orgasm through anal stimulation alone. Now when I say alone I am referring to completely alone both in other types of stimulation and physically … Read More

DIY: Tennis Ball Gag

BDSM must involve the use of fancy tools and expensive equipment…

The Myth

The Task

You are to make a BDSM themed toy or a piece of equipment using only items you already have laying around at home. You can re-purpose … Read More

No limits?

What a real Domme thinks when a sub says “I have no limits”:

  • Naive
  • Uneducated fool
  • Hand down his pants wanker
  • Clueless
  • Dumb
  • Unsafe
  • Insane/Unstable
  • Frenzied

Why would I want that? What makes you think that a Domme … Read More