Weekly Recap: Fashion week


What a fun week in the Divas Dungeon! We would like to give a shoutout to our newest Domme, Mistress Terena! Welcome aboard Mistress Terena, we are excited to have You with us on our kinky journey and looking … Read More

Weekly Recap: Psychology


Would like to give a special shoutout to mark and danny, you two are rocking it! Keep up the great work! Both Danny and mark have stepped up in our Dommeslife chat room, added some new daily discussion … Read More

The Arts Week


We would like to congratulate our newest permanent Dungeon sub, danny! Way to go! danny jumped in with both feet and has really embraced the lifestyle. Welcome to the F/family danny! Our newest trial sub mark is doing a … Read More

Pearls of passion

I got carried away with these pictures. I was late for work, there was an important meeting, i was in a very brief panic, but i stopped to review the pictures, i maintained the protocol and through prioritization and effort … Read More

D-types and their lists

There is a common misconception that Dominants instinctively know what to do and have the memory of elephants. Many make claims to support this theory, but the truth is the most involved and experienced Dominants usually set goals and challenges … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Butt Plugs

This guide is designed to give you the basics of what to look for in a butt plug, mistakes to avoid, and helpful suggestions for ensuring success in discovering the joy of plugging up your butt.

It is important to Read More

Welcoming Potential Dommes


Being a lifestyle Domme is more than just a role to be played in the bedroom. What does it look like when your Domme role is actually applied to day-to-day life as well? We can show you.

For us, … Read More

I like my penis

Penises get a bad rap, they are the frat boys of the male anatomy, always looking for mischief, getting others into trouble and staying up all hours of the night. In contrast, approaching a Domme or a set of DommesRead More

Do you need protection?

Pride can sometimes prevent us from making sound decisions, whether it is decisions in sexual practices and sexual partners, or engaging in fetishes and scenes. Something often overlooked is the role of the protector, and the need for having someone … Read More

On being an open book

I am addressing all of you who choose to read this, and i am thankful that you do. Recently i started posting my blog publicly and not just to our Dungeon website, a trove of information about our private Femdom … Read More