The Arts Week

Shoutouts We would like to congratulate our newest permanent Dungeon sub, danny! Way to go! danny jumped in with both feet and has really embraced the lifestyle. Welcome to the F/family danny! Our newest trial sub mark is doing a wonderful job, hard working, he has really hit the ground running. Keep up the good […]

Pearls of passion

I got carried away with these pictures. I was late for work, there was an important meeting, i was in a very brief panic, but i stopped to review the pictures, i maintained the protocol and through prioritization and effort i made it on time, in fact i was early. My mind put the critical […]

D-types and their lists

There is a common misconception that Dominants instinctively know what to do and have the memory of elephants. Many make claims to support this theory, but the truth is the most involved and experienced Dominants usually set goals and challenges for their subs because they have the same expectations for themselves. Many submissives view the […]