Creating an Aftercare Kit

If you have a good sense of what your needs are, and you know the type of scene you are getting yourself into, it’s time to put your own list together of things you will need in order to create your own aftercare kit.» Read More

BDSM Myth: BDSM is Inherently Dangerous

On its face this statement is true, but an explanation is necessary. This is a blanket one size fits all general statement and as most stereotypical statements it doesn’t hold up when truly analyzed. Using the logic that made this statement you could argue that shooting fireworks, cooking a roast in a pressure cooker, or crossing the street in downtown New Orleans are inherently dangerous.

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Looking Back Over This Year In Wonder

As this year closes I look back on it and try to put it into words that can describe the absolutely amazing and heartbreaking times that have occurred. A year filled with some of the highest highs and lowest lows that i can remember.» Read More

Anal Play

First understand that anal play is enjoyed by both females and males and regardless of sexual orientation. Woman find anal stimulation pleasurable because the G-spot can be indirectly stimulated, while men may find it enjoyable since it directly stimulates their P-spot.» Read More

A Guide to Protocols

I love my protocols, I know it’s not a kink or a fetish, but it is so impactful to my every day routine that going without them is now a hard limit for me.

Here are some considerations for creating protocols, a guide for Dommes and subs.» Read More