When You are always right

Someone very near and dear to me is always right, i won’t embarrass Mistress by saying who it is, but She will let you know between the two of us it is Her, She will let me know however in … Read More

Why we hide in the shadows

Labels are something i despise, even though i freely proclaim that words only power if you let them, they hold even more power if you try to hide them. Afraid of being treated differently, in ways beyond our control, we … Read More

BDSM Psychology – The Benefits of Kink

I decided to focus my research around the benefits of participating in BDSM from an emotional and mental state of well being, what the psychological effects are, and how to get the most out of BDSM to promote a healthy … Read More

Twisted. Sister!

Sometimes the things we see as strange or over the top in others are the things we could learn the most from. 

I am someone who struggles to speak in front of others, i search for the right words, i … Read More

Pulling away – how to manage time off

Taking time off is important, whether it is a few hours a day, a few days, or an extended period of time, it helps us recalibrate, recharge, and gives us perspective and appreciate what we have to come back to. … Read More

Power Exchange


In my view, power exchange is simply handing over power of an aspect, or multiple aspects, of your life to your partner for them to control. Now, with that being said, there are various ways ones can engage in Read More

Let’s get real

Say what you mean because it’s not a game. Although it may seem as though you are playing the role by communicating in the style you see as appropriate, you are truly playing a role.

It is true that within Read More

Plainly speaking

Something i notice when i travel are the different ways people acknowledge each other, from greeting to gratitude, it is easy to misunderstand and make judgement based on customs alone. Mostly i would say these are pet peeves of mine, … Read More

Leaving little to the imagination

There is a middle ground in the communication between Dominant and submissive where creation lies, where ideas become negotiations, and scenes play out uninhibited. Scripting such performances can feel inauthentic, and presenting a blank page lacks enticement.

What, where, when … Read More

Rubbing you the wrong way

Opposable thumbs are a gift to humans because of the ability to master the use of tools, genitals, and also the ability to knead and manipulate sore muscles in a relaxing massage. They are however fleeting, a tease, and perhaps … Read More