I returned to the Playgirl Mansion after receiving my second formal invitation. This time when i opened the card there were no words, just a picture of a purple horse and the time 12:30pm.

I drove to the male entrance as i had done previously, i wore shorts this time and a plain white t-shirt with sandals. Beneath it, i wore my strap coverings as i had been given these as a gift by the Dommes previously with Mistress’s permission. I approached the glass door and rang the bell, the familiar exotic voice sang out, “come right in cupcake, stall number one as usual”.

“Thank you” i said trailing off, unsure if anyone could hear me from the inside. The door slowly swung open and i removed my sandals before entering, then walked down the cool hallway to the stable entrance. I went immediately to the first stall and read the letter on the table.

“Good afternoon cupcake,

We are so pleased Mistress granted your return. Please remove your clothes and place them in the locking cabinet, then press the combination lock button.

Clean up in the shower, then return and put your straps back on.

When you are ready, Stella will be waiting for you at the gates to the Dressage area.”

It seems to be a bit busier today, outside the glass walls of the stable women passed by on their way to a fro. I removed my clothes, placed my strap outfit over a hanger on the opposite end of the room, and slowly placed my clothes in the cabinet, then locked the door.

Previously i felt as though i was being watched, presently it felt as though this was very casual and normal as the women nodded occasionally passing by but did not break stride when they made eye contact. I went to the shower stall nearest to the corridor opposite the glass wall that lined the outer edge of the shower room. I become hard as i watched the flow of women, some with drinks, others with tennis rackets and golf clubs and purses smirking in approval as i cleaned myself. I then went back to my stall and put my strap outfit back on and exited the room going back to where the Dressage area was.

The large doors to the wide entranceway were open, and there stood a familiar face, Stella who had previously given me much to think about in my first encounter with the women of Playgirl Mansion. “Follow me”, said Stella, who wore a neatly fitted white blouse with starched black pants that hugged her hips nicely as i admired the hypnotic sway of them following her lead.

I knew i should avert my eyes as a submissive and snapped out of it looking at the large white stones beneath my feet until we reached a soft clay surface. Stella stopped and appeared to look off into the distance, i turned to take note of the structure we had exited, a great glass enclosure with white tile and chairs that we passed. Looking at the surface ahead of me, i could see tracks from horses hooves and one was riding toward us.

Atop the horse sat a women with long black hair, she rode a tan colored horse and wore a thick fur coat of a similar color. Her coat hung loosely over her shoulders, exposing her mocha colored flesh kissed by the sun, full cleavage and as she rode, gracefully and in slow motion, my breath paused and i looked again at the ground.

The horse neared and she called my name, “cupcake, I am Head Mistress Michelle, be a good boy and hold my thoroughbred, Jem while i dismount”.

“Yes Head Mistress Michelle” i replied, “Thank You for hosting me once again”. I took the lead from Her strong hand and as She dismounted, i could not help noticing the leather outfit She wore underneath that teased my senses with flashes of creamy flesh that remained exposed. I did my best not to look up by my eyes betrayed my better judgement.

Mistress Michelle dug the toe of Her boot into the stirrup on the side of the Jem, Her left leg swung behind the horse’s powerful hind legs, accentuating the muscular frame of Her thighs and calves straining beneath Her tight leather coverings. The space between Her legs was exposed and as soon as i noticed i quickly averted my eyes and looked only at the strap in my hand. Mistress Michelle was on Her feet quickly and moved close behind me, so close i could feel Her hot breath on my neck. My body shook as Her hand grazed the outside of my shoulder, causing Her hand to remain there a moment as She exclaimed, “oh my, someone is easily excited” followed by the warmest giggle i had ever heard in my life, filling my body with a calm warmth. Her hand slide down my forearm over my wrist and hands to take the reins and then handed them to Stella who i had not noticed was standing beside me the entire time.

Without speaking Stella and Jem walked off toward a barn in the distance, “kneel” said Mistress Michelle, causing my body to replace warmth with reflex, and i dropped to me knees, tucking my feet underneath, placing my hands on my thighs facing away from the towering presence behind me. Birds sand sweetly as a warm wind enveloped me mostly naked body, wisps of clay and dust swirled in front of me. Mistress Michelle slowly walked around me and approached so She was facing me.

A small pebble held my focus mere inches in front of my slightly parted knees, pre-cum freely mixed into the dirt between my legs and i could see it’s reflection of light from the sun in the periphery, as easily as i could make out the outline of Mistress Michelle’s riding boots.

“I have yet to see your eyes cupcake, you may meet mine as we speak” said Mistress Michelle. I slowly looked up at Her, appreciating the reward of surveying all of Her, the fur coat open, Her legs unflinching in their stance, and the space between Her legs completely exposed, She was wearing black riding chaps i realized, with a large belt that held met in the center with a large gold ring. I longed to feast on the view more, i could make out the soft mounds of Her sex that protrude slightly, inviting a thirst that only served to drain more liquid from my engorged sex. Above Her waist She was only draped by the fur coat, Her ample cleavage drawing attention to Her small pink nipples that held the lapels open, just barely.

“You do have such pretty lashes” said Mistress Michelle from her tight lips, pressed tightly between Her defined cheeks, an eyebrow raised above Her dark colored eyes. “Thank you Head Mistress Michelle” i responded.

“Pretty like a pony” continued Mistress Michelle, “I do enjoy my horsey rides. I think I shall call you Jem from now on, what do you think of that?” She asked. “If it pleases You Head Mistress…” before i could finish speaking She added, “I should like another horsey ride Jem” She said.

I remained motionless expecting Stella to return, “I don’t think I shall require a saddle for this ride, I would like to ride bareback. You may go on all fours now Jem” said Mistress Michelle, and i realized She meant that i was to be Her horsey, Her Jem to ride.

Without question i dug my hands into the soft surface beneath me, and waited as Mistress Michelle approached. I felt the warm fur grace my arms, my ribs, my back and then my ass cheeks, then in an instant i felt Her smoldering flesh touch mine. “Now let’s see how these straps do” said Mistress Michelle, pulling the white straps that wrapped around the back of my neck, connected to a ring on my cock and two other straps that connected to my thighs.

Pulling back on the straps, my cock bounced up and down as She pulled the looping material from behind my neck repeatedly, as She did so her own hips began sliding up and down my back slightly and i could feel the moisture gathering between our bodies. “Yes, this is a nice horsey ride” said Mistress Michelle, “just stay right here for now” She said, pulling on the straps over and over, my cock burning from the friction of the metal ring moving up and down my rock hard shaft, causing it to slap repeatedly against my belly.

My thighs strained as She put more and more of Her weight on me, grinding Her powerful hips into the small of my back and my own hips clenched tightly, trembling, tingling as if pins and needles engulfed my skin everywhere Her heavy fur coat touched me, my calves, my thighs, my ass cheeks.

“Such a good horsey” She said, “but you need a proper harness and something to attach the reins to. Oh wait, i am wearing a harness already, let’s see if we can’t find you a suitable collar boy…”