How you get there isn’t as important as making sure you find the part of you that gets the job done, and the part of you that recognizes and appreciates it. Searching for motivation and waiting for recognition can leave you dead in your tracks do decide where you are coming from and go get it.

You have insecurities, we all do, that will never change, but it’s a matter of perspective. Working with what you have, playing to your strengths is how things get done successfully. In a team you succeed using your talents together, as an individual, you are responsible for understanding how to use them. This is how you work it (boy/girl).

Seeing the outcome, knowing the limitations involved and being proud of the result is how you exceed expectations. Loving the result is how you own it, and you don’t need to wait for someone to tell you when you know you nailed it.

Think about how you can work it and own it, fun expressions that you can use to take responsibility and be accountable for the results.

These panties are difficult to wear, they pull everywhere, and they are meant to remain stationary. My cock refuses and i had to work it all day to feel sexy in them, but i owned it, focusing on the beautiful colour, the unique way i can position them around my curves and loving the constant tug physically and emotionally.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉