Without warning our circumstances can change, and without notice or premeditation our bodies and minds can swing in dramatic ways. There is a moment between realization and reality, between a physical exertion and pain, when our minds lose the ability to process the changes brought forth by external forces.

I love these moments, i don’t quite understand my reaction to those moments but i understand the competing forces inside me and my desire to stay in those moments longer and longer until shock gives way to frenzy. I was recently provoked in an altercation and within seconds of the incident i was asked if i was ok. My mind was elsewhere looking at my watch and when asked, i responded that my heart rates was 65bpm. Not long after it was well over 100 but i noticed something similar in how i react to triggers, commands, and in the case of incidents like this one, how i react to trauma or violence is with immediate calm, with a natural desire to gain control physically, and emotionally over my body’s response.

Upon accepting the realization that i will be unable to control my response, that in fact external forces have taken over, i am completely undone. Panic, fear, and intense arousal combine to enter me into that state comparable to sub frenzy.

After i put on these panties with sides that tie and untie, and silver beads at the end of the ties, Mistress instructed me to attach bells to the sides. Comical, but also visceral, making it impossible to ignore the sound with each step, movement and even breath if i listened hard enough. My thighs remained tight all day, no doubt in response to the sound, my thoughts were all shaded in a bright translucent pink mist brought on by the constant moisture pooling inside my panties, and my heart rate and breathing were elevated throughout the day.

It was later in the day, when changing my pants that it happened, the bells and the beads were below the waistband and as i lowered my pants the strings pulled loose and my cock sprung forward. Nobody was hurt in the fallout, but there was a moment between when the knots spring free and when my cock become erect that i pieced together what had happened, closed my eyes and let the initial feeling of release, rush over my naked body and that small moment became much larger.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉