Black is a shade, not a color. When I presented three black pairs of panties to Mistress, she demanded color and took away my precious panties for the day. Finding the beauty in being nude to me felt like being in a black and white film, without my color – as Mistress pointed out – something was missing.

There’s beauty in black and white film just as there is beauty in the naked form. The beauty in lesson is clear to me, show Mistress my colors. In the movie Pleasantville, average teenage siblings find themselves placed within a black and white television show in the 50s. The sister Jennifer gets dressed in very heavy and traditional bra and panties, is told nobody will notice her attire to which she declares: “What’s the point?… Hello!!! I’ve got like three pounds of underwear on here”.

It’s not what they were looking at, not the cone shaped bustier, the flared form fitting dress, it was all just there. I imagined Mistress making the same argument – “what’s the point” – when i remove the option of color, if it all looks the same then it really isn’t Her deciding at all.

The day i spend in no underwear at all was as meaningful at the days i have spent in three pounds of underwear. It’s not about the underwear, it’s choice, it’s about effort, and it’s about presenting the best version of myself for Mistress each and every time.

That’s what makes not wearing panties special 😉