That blue diamond pan.called out to me one night, the static hum from the faucet setting the mood as i methodically rinsed and scrubbed the day’s dishes. A flash of light from the television and a voice, it described the process of cleaning, the causes of culinary catastrophe and the solution to my ending the mundane plight of the chore, blue diamond. The blue diamond pan need only be rinsed, indestructible design, glazed on glitter surface… yes, this is what i needed.

At 2am and 2pm you can see identical advertisements, it’s the couching hour where sleep eludes the zombie contemplating existence. The answers to life’s problems play out before you, upgrade your workskills, replace wood fascia board with vinyl, you can renovate your house or your life, it’s up to you.

Turn the tv off, and run. Literally run. The television just described the problem that you are in the exact position you are in and desperate to get out of it. Do some exercise, spank your ass, tie yourself up, but don’t listen to those ads.

I bought the blue diamond pan. It’s in my drawer, beneath the two non stick pans i already own that clean easily and have never scratched. It lays dormant, dented, scratched, a reminder that there’s no quick solution to your problems, but if you use a little more precision and apply heat correctly, you can enjoy getting wet a whole lot more.

These panties look so bright, i needed color, I needed heat, but they squeeze my cock through their lace like garlic through a press, not as advertised.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉