In appreciation of appreciation

In appreciation of appreciation

Sometimes i wonder if anyone is watching, when i do things, when i say things, that are for the benefit of others. Our reason for doing things for others should never matter, but it is natural to want our efforts to be recognized. My suggestion – appreciate that you had the chance.

When we do things because we want to be noticed, it is natural at some point to recognize it didn’t feel as good as we thought. Also, failure to receive acknowledgement of these efforts leads to resentment, acknowledgement leads to satisfaction, but the expectation of it negates fulfillment, we want more.

Adding up the ways we affect others, keeping score, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to do. It just requires that you appreciate your own effort. After all, do we need to wait for someone else to reward us for everything we do?

Go ahead and pay yourself on the back, or on your ass, whatever floats your boat, you earned it. If you want to feel better about yourself, start by doing nice things for others, but make sure when you do, you are the first one to reward yourself. Everything else that comes to you should be the unexpected gift.

These panties are so pretty, they are such a lovely shade of purple and fit snugly. I appreciated taking the time Mistress gave me to take pictures to share. The unexpected gift was the waffle marks the lace left on my skin everywhere.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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