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How to have explosive orgasms every time

Click bait, it’s easy to grab your attention with the right hook. That’s the key to explosive orgasms, focus and attention with little to no effort.

I have researched supplements, machines, length of time between orgasms, triggers, and the list goes on. There’s something more at play though and it starts and ends with the mind.

The easy part is as follows, become physically engaged with your arousal, dedicate time to enjoy it when you have the energy. 

Remove anything that will decrease how you feel or see yourself sexually, this includes conversations, socks with holes, dirty dishes, confidence is needed to heighten your level of enjoyment.

Now it’s time to connect the mind and the body, get them in synch. You want your mental state to be as excited as your physical state, it simply requires visualization. If you are alone, visualize what that orgasm looks like, imagine a part of your body you associate with it, the group of muscles you engage during orgasm, picture the perfect orgasm. If you are with a partner, anticipate the moment, read the signs, the cues you need to know when you are ready to release.

That’s actually all that is required, what comes next is an explosive orgasm, it engages your body and mind, focuses your energy on one simple point of pleasure. It happens when all those muscles, breaths, thoughts and movements are in synch and it just clicks!

These panties are a bright purple, shiny and smooth every time i move my body and my mind are in synch thinking about one thing only…

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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