Happy relationships start where you are happy

Happy relationships start where you are happy

Every year around Christmas an inordinate amount of people decide that nothing will bring themselves and other as much joy as a puppy. So these tiny bundles appear under trees and many of them are quickly returned or given a second home or third, it’s not a good time to be a puppy. If you are a submissive… you are the puppy.

There are so many groups, apps, sites and each time a new one springs up… it’s like Christmas in July. A new crop of puppies pop up under the tree. There’s good news, everyone likes puppies, likely the same percentage of people who like Christmas anyway. The approach isn’t completely off base, there’s free time around Christmas, gifts are readily exchanged as best of all, most people are generally happy at that time.

Follow the common themes that extend year round, making time, being happy, focusing on those things and you can find a good starting point for the most important things in your life, including relationships. If you are able to find the time to go to munches, make the time, find a group that suits your ideas of community and enjoy the comfort and support you receive there.

Maybe you have time to invest in learning, joining a group on a site or going to classes in person, you will find others who have the same interests as you, and who have the time to dedicate to expressing themselves in a similar way you do. Rope top meets rope bottom, and in the middle they connect.

If you’re really interested in forming a meaningful relationship, start in a place you are going to be able to be happy, in a way you can commit to. Expecting Christmas to happen all year round is unrealistic, although you can wear bells any time.

That’s what makes these panties special. Or at least it did for one very festive day 😉

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