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Flogging with a feather

How deeply that lust can feel, when the opposite of frenzy – the anticipation of nearness, reaches a tipping point that requires the lightest of touch, a tiny spark to ignite. I was reminded of a teaching moment, early in my journey i was introduced to sensation play with the application of rubbing alcohol to sensitive areas of the body. Before i had even touched my skin, i could feel it cool burn. In many ways the anticipation was more exciting than the act itself.

After days removed from my protocol, the nearness of it compelled me to feel a familiar sensation. I was weakened emotionally from external factors and i was in a moment of vulnerability, Mistress took over. No input from me would be required, She was clear in assigning my presentation, and as it slipped over me, across the parts of my skin that longed to be touched, something deeper inside me took over.

I don’t need to be told how lucky i am to have what i have, but distance makes the heart grow fonder, perspective compiles the meaning, and on this morning, i could have been flogged by a feather and felt the sting right down to the core of my being.

The softness of the bodysuit is impossible to ignore, the strings that wrap around my neck and join my hair in standing on end bring a beautiful feeling of vulnerability.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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