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Drop the act

I used to take pride in my ability to conceal thoughts, as someone who does not easily display emotion i would often hear others comment about how they could not tell what i was thinking. It gave me an incredible ability to hear others, balance their emotions against the words they use, but the best part of being an enigma is the ability to surprise people. 

It was all an act, obviously i have emotions and feelings, no matter how well i concealed them, and i realized over time how little anyone truly knew about me. Everyone had a piece, and only those closest to me understood what the whole puzzle looked like. I like to think it’s pretty awesome.

There’s no hiding with Mistress, if i even try to change my response a little to throw Her off She knows. If there’s a question i don’t want Her to ask She asks it. I only appreciate how beautiful the puzzle was through Her eyes.

In order to be a good submissive, you need be able to present the whole puzzle and let your Dominant determine where the pieces go, and where and when to place them. If you truly trust your D, this is not stretch, but getting there requires you to be you and be ready to share everything. 

In order to be a good Dominant, you need to ask tough questions, the ones You know Your submissive does not want to answer, but also the ones You don’t want to ask because You are also afraid of the answer. The puzzle might be pretty, but some of the pieces get bent, lose their shape over time, and it can take work to repair. 

There’s a shared responsibility in this. You don’t need to use all the pieces, but you need to open the box and make sure it stays open. Never hide.

These panties are frayed from excellent use of a cheaply made garment, literally a few threats keep it together in parts and it is simply a matter of time before it drops. Sometimes it’s more fun putting it back together. 

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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