Always Remember

The Rules

The rules of Diva’s Dungeon are there for a reason—there are no exceptions.

  1. You must be a submissive or slave 21-50 years old (age is at our discretion)
  2. Alcohol:
    1. Zero tolerance for alcohol during or up to 8 hours prior to doing any tasks, scenes, or any form of BDSM Play.
    2. There is a limit of two standard alcoholic drinks only if you wish to still chat in the Dungeon or with a Domme.
  3. Drugs (including marijuana): zero tolerance, you will be removed from the dungeon permanently.
  4. You must be willing to use all holes
  5. You must be respectful to ALL group members at all times.
  6. No kink shaming is permitted.
  7. What a Domme says goes. No arguments.
  8. All Dommes must be addressed correctly by their preferred name at all times with correct capitalization and without shortening Her name.
  9. Subs must own a butt plug and dildo; real sex toys only—no household items.
  10. You must be committed and open to learning and trying new things.
  11. You are NOT to PM anyone without a Domme’s permission. Keep it in the group.
  12. You must not show, share, save, or repost any members videos pictures, names or Kik ID ever. Instant ban!
  13. You must be available 1-2 hours per day minimum to be a committed group member.
  14. You must contribute to general group chat daily.
  15. You must take part in ALL compulsory topics and tasks.
    1. Failure to do so will result in removal from the group for non-participation.
    2. If you are unable to complete a task prior to the deadline you must discuss this with a Domme.
  16. The trial period ends if/when
    1. A Domme wants to Mentor you OR
    2. You have impressed us enough to be made into a permanent Dungeon sub.
  17. Mentored subs must follow and complete any additional requests, tasks, rules, or requirements given to you by your Mentor.
  18. Permanent Dungeon subs must abide by the protocols set and must follow any additional requests, tasks, rules, or requirements given by any Domme.
  19. Chastity is compulsory. No playing with yourself unless it’s required for a task, it’s a reward, or you have permission from your Mentor/Mistress.
    1. If you cum without permission you will be placed in chastity for a minimum of 30 days.
    2. A chastity cage/belt may be required.
  20. You must be open and honest with all members of Diva’s Dungeon. Lies will not be tolerated.
  21. All subs must know their soft and hard limits and be ready to post them on request.
  22. Safewords: the Dungeon respects and encourages the use of the safe words green, yellow, and red.
  23. The Dungeon practices SSC/RACK protocols. All members of the Dungeon must follow these protocols at ALL times.
  24. All subs must abide by these rules at all times while they are a member of Divas Dungeon.

*These rules can be changed, added to, removed, updated or adjusted without notice by the group owner.

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