Ball Stretching

What is ball stretching and why?

Ball stretching is done for many reasons. Some enjoy the aesthetics and ball envy of having a pair of low hangers, while others enjoy the swing of a pendulous pair of balls. Others will … Read More

Prostate Milking

Milking Report

I informed Mistress that milking was something that interested me, and She asked me to research the topic so i could learn more about it and how it could help while I am in chastity. In my research … Read More

TENS Research

What is a TENS unit?

The most often used machine for electro sex is a TENS unit. Their original medical use was for the relief nerve or muscle pain, lots of women use it to ease labour pains, but they … Read More

A Guide to Protocols

I love my protocols, I know it’s not a kink or a fetish, but it is so impactful to my every day routine that going without them is now a hard limit for me.

Here are some considerations for creating … Read More


Rope is special to me, originally i began playing with rope as an aesthetic form of expression but it is so much more. I consider myself a rope bunny, i could spend hours with rope making symmetry, beautiful designs and … Read More

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