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Dom(me)’s Life, (formerly Diva’s Dungeon) is a group of like-minded Dominants and subs with a passion for personal growth in both our vanilla and BDSM lives.

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A Discord group of Dominants and subs sharing positive and safe BDSM values to those willing to learn.


  • Bettering one’s self through honesty, integrity, confidence.
  • Learning personal acceptance and self love
  • Developing better forms of communication through personal vulnerability, negotiation, and honesty about wants vs needs
  • Finding a better balance of work, personal, and kinky parts of life


  • Learn more about not only different kinds of kinks but how to practice them using SSC and RACK protocols.
  • Feel pride and empowerment in your role whether Dominant or submissive.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of BDSM culture.
  • Take steps into being part of your own kinky community with the protection and support of the Dungeon.
  • Be a part of our small kinky family and learn from experienced Dommes and subs through open and honest conversation.
  • Engage in weekly and daily tasks within a positive & friendly environment.

Our Resources

We do a lot of research here in the dungeon to ensure the knowledge we share is accurate and up to date with the constantly evolving BDSM scene. Here is just a handful of our favorite resources that you can use on your journey.

For dozens of guides, articles, blogs, videos , and more! check out our database here.

Dommes are not kink dispensers, and subs are not doormats.
We are all human, and here to learn how to be better versions of ourselves.