Self growth topic: Over-analyzing

I think most people are guilty of doing this, especially in a new relationship. Its almost natural because you are excited about everything and replay certain events in your mind over and over. But when you start panicking or playing detective, that’s when the trouble starts. There are hundreds of great articles on this subject, […]


I picked Auralism as my kink topic this time and there isn’t a lot of information out there about it compared to many other kinks. Basically this is arousal through sound whether that sounds is voice, music or even having others hear you. In reality this is considered to be more of a fetish than […]

Suspension Bondage

First let’s define – suspension bondage is considered a form of sexual bondage. Generally a “bottom” will be bound by a “top” – rigger; and the bound person is hung from a suspension point or points. There are two main types; partial and full and generally accepted three main positions; vertical, horizontal, inverted. That being […]


Subspace is a combination of endorphins and other chemicals caused by a deep level of intimacy and arousal that creates an almost drug like high for most. It is usually found during an intense scene and the submissive may seem completely out of it, even unaware to different levels as to what is going on […]

Anal Play

First understand that anal play is enjoyed by both females and males and regardless of sexual orientation. Woman find anal stimulation pleasurable because the G-spot can be indirectly stimulated, while men may find it enjoyable since it directly stimulates their P-spot. There are various forms of anal play, which include anal fingering, anal fisting, anal […]

Ball Stretching

What is ball stretching and why? Ball stretching is done for many reasons. Some enjoy the aesthetics and ball envy of having a pair of low hangers, while others enjoy the swing of a pendulous pair of balls. Others will declare they enjoy the feeling of an elongated orgasm. Personally I love all of the […]

Prostate Milking

Milking Report I informed Mistress that milking was something that interested me, and She asked me to research the topic so i could learn more about it and how it could help while I am in chastity. In my research I discovered that there are many uses for prostate milking, many of them related to […]

A Guide to Protocols

I love my protocols, I know it’s not a kink or a fetish, but it is so impactful to my every day routine that going without them is now a hard limit for me. Here are some considerations for creating protocols, a guide for Dommes and subs. What is a protocol A protocol is any […]