Back to Basics

Sometimes it’s required to keep things simple, focus on one thing at a time and appreciate all the little things.

These panties were chosen for me, and allow my ass to be displayed in a pretty wrapping, topped with a … Read More

Panting in Shadows

These panties feel different in certain situations and look different in certain light. They are a light pink, very soft stretchy material.

Looking at them in the sunlight, they seemed to glow, then all of me seemed to glow and … Read More

Don’t PM Without Permission

Don’t PM without permission… period. In all of my time on Kik I’ve yet to understand how the most basic of rules, one possessed by the majority of rooms on the app, is still so difficult for some people. … Read More

The Royal Crest of Cock

The design on the front of the panties reminds me of a royal seal or family crest. It’s hard to see once it goes on because of all the stretching that occurs.

I really like stretching, also seeing how far … Read More

Taughty Boy

These purple panties are so lovely to look at, i love how they look on the floor, when they go on they are so tight they look completely different.

So tight it is impossible to stay inside of them. Such … Read More

Sometimes You Need to Wear Stretchy Pants

Not entirely sure this is a legitimate fetish but i adore snapping the waistband on my panties. These panties are pretty much all waistband.

So… Snap them all over, my hips, my thighs, my butt, my crotch, like a wet … Read More

Hanging by a Thread

Such soft delicate band hugging my hips, matched with a sadistic little elastic string that taunts my undercarriage.

So many times in the day i sat up, held my breath and said oh while inhaling as i felt it move … Read More

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Just when i think i have the most wonderful panty collection in the world, Mistress elects to choose ones that are not on my list.

The feeling of being nude, humbling, honest and entirely on display. This is me, and … Read More

S.S.C And R.A.C.K

In Diva’s Dungeon we follow SSC and RACK, but what does that mean? Well, for starters SsC means Safe, Sane, and Consensual; and RACK sands for Risk-aware, Consensual, Kink. But it’s a lot more and not quite as simple as … Read More

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