Plainly speaking

Something i notice when i travel are the different ways people acknowledge each other, from greeting to gratitude, it is easy to misunderstand and make judgement based on customs alone. Mostly i would say these are pet peeves of mine, … Read More

What did you expect?

It goes without saying what you thought of the BDSM community is not what you found, and what you thought you would like is different from reality, and the journey is something that takes a life of its own. Those … Read More

Drop the act

I used to take pride in my ability to conceal thoughts, as someone who does not easily display emotion i would often hear others comment about how they could not tell what i was thinking. It gave me an incredible … Read More

The ability to improvise is a sub-surprise

Taking initiative can be an empowering experience for a submissive if they have the trust of their Dominant. There are so many questions a submissive asks before making an independent decision on behalf of themselves and their D, but the … Read More


I had never heard this term before – one night i observed a submissive in a public scene – i immediately understood when he communicated he was blissed out what he meant. How perfectly is described the state of mind, … Read More

Often imitated never duplicated

Those intense moments that you recall vividly, the sounds, the smells, the feelings, stay with you, always will, and serve a purpose beyond their intent. It’s not a defined purpose, they serve a reminder of exactly those sensations, but you … Read More

Leaving little to the imagination

There is a middle ground in the communication between Dominant and submissive where creation lies, where ideas become negotiations, and scenes play out uninhibited. Scripting such performances can feel inauthentic, and presenting a blank page lacks enticement.

What, where, when … Read More

Pearls of passion

I got carried away with these pictures. I was late for work, there was an important meeting, i was in a very brief panic, but i stopped to review the pictures, i maintained the protocol and through prioritization and effort … Read More

Bridges make good neighbors

Time to move on or time is a luxury, people move in and out of our lives and our circles on an ongoing basis, we should expect it and encourage it. The things that i need have never changed, but … Read More

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