Working it vs. Owning it

How you get there isn’t as important as making sure you find the part of you that gets the job done, and the part of you that recognizes and appreciates it. Searching for motivation and waiting for recognition can leave you dead in your tracks do decide where you are coming from and go get […]


I returned to the Playgirl Mansion after receiving my second formal invitation. This time when i opened the card there were no words, just a picture of a purple horse and the time 12:30pm. I drove to the male entrance as i had done previously, i wore shorts this time and a plain white t-shirt […]

Ensconced in satin

When i first discovered my love of wearing panties, i felt a need to validate the desire. Without confronting the idea of femininity, i focused on the fit – thong, hipster, g-string – that was far different from traditional male underwear, and the material which is much softer and more appealing. I can now appreciate […]

Whack a moles and glorious holes

Trying new things can be… trying. I love surprises, i am also the type of person who learns from hands on experiences and trial and error. In seeking out new experiences, i tend to look for things that are attainable, but even experiences that are easily within reach and be difficult and have obstacles. I […]

Absolutism and a fear of being tied down

Very few things in life are black and white, but as rule followers or rule breakers, we regularly define our actions by the reason for or against competing priorities. A fear of being seen as a someone without ideals or values causes us to choose a position, and rarely change course after. Charting out new […]