A Heart Full of f Buns

My favorite of all my panties, i look forward to the days when i get to wear these. These were the first panties Mistress chose for me, it makes them so special. They hug me in the best ways, stretching over my thighs and grasping my shaft and balls tightly in woven elastic lace. The […]

Lacey Burgundy Thong

Mistress chose these deep burgundy panties to adorn my body for Her. She asked me in the morning if i would look for a matching bow tie in my day. My intention was to wear only those panties and a matching bow tie, but the right style was not available. I did the next best […]

Glitter Panty – DIY

A sexy day of shimmering dust, because of a comment in my journal the night before about Mistress choosing clothes for me with glitter. Mistress got me to spray my panties with hairspray and cover them with purple glitter. A self fulfilling prophesy, designed to ensure a trail of glitter dust told my story to […]

The Period Panties

There comes a time when every sub loses their focus, becomes distracted with things and that lack of concentration and control creates a cloud of angst within and around the sub.  The sub is cranky, grumpy, frumpy and in these moments of childish brooding can outwardly display this through the Domme's choice of attire. The […]