Being a heart ass

Taking pleasure in someone’s mistakes is amazing especially after you told them it would happen. That’s right, you should feel good about it because you were right. If all you really wanted was to be right, you wouldn’t have offered your opinion in the first place. Some feel that being a hard ass it the […]

Laughing through pain

I’ve known many who when confronted with pain, react immediately with uncontrollable laughter. I have also seen it described in various forms as a nervous reaction but the reasons given point to something much deeper. Nervous laughter itself is both a physical and emotional reaction to something we don’t want to accept is happening, either […]

Putting boys in blue

I remember going to a store with my mother and she wanted me to pick out wallpaper. It would be too expensive to decorate the whole room, so it was just a trim at the ceiling i was choosing, and the typical choices were cars, planes, sports items, etc. but i chose rainbows.  It was […]

Struggle all you want

Whatever your kinks, your role, your current status, you will struggle. What did you expect? I started into the lifestyle because i was complacent, allowing things i had determined as needs to go unfulfilled and desires to go unexplored. So it’s no surprise there will be days where we struggle, the amazing thing about BDSM […]

In the abyss of silence – service with a severing sideglance

Your presence is air, your silence is deafening and suffocating. For service oriented kinksters, a never ending dialogue occurs in absentia. The desire to be needed and relied upon extends to time present, and time away.  People who are service oriented thrive on seeing their efforts impacting others positively, are passionate about assignments and responsibilities, […]

Why we hide in the shadows

Labels are something i despise, even though i freely proclaim that words only power if you let them, they hold even more power if you try to hide them. Afraid of being treated differently, in ways beyond our control, we try to influence our outward image so others will encourage our strengths instead of exploiting […]