Submissive Submissions

Original writing from the wonderful subs of Diva’s Dungeon.

How can you be so crotchless?

Every morning there’s always one female who checks my bulge. It’s the same female, we are colleagues, known each other for more than ten years and i noticed as my pants have gotten tighten, her glances have become more blatant.… Read More

Understanding obedience and discipline

Obedience is implied, discipline is explicit, that’s the general basis of a definition i am going to explore. The reason for going in this direction is a common struggle many submissives feel, a lack of direction or difficulty to maintain … Read More

Pearls of frustration

I was asked by Mistress, were these pearls of wisdom or pearls of frustration. They were definitely pearls of frustration – the inability to change something, an ongoing struggle. Struggle is something to be embraced as you push your boundaries … Read More

Slip not

I have conducted a lot of interviews professionally and one of the easiest questions to answer is what are your weaknesses, but it’s a farce – the question should be ‘what are you hiding?’ There are other ways to get … Read More

Being a heart ass

Taking pleasure in someone’s mistakes is amazing especially after you told them it would happen. That’s right, you should feel good about it because you were right.

If all you really wanted was to be right, you wouldn’t have offered … Read More

Cock Rings and Naughty Secrets

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If I were stranded on an island I would want to bring some rope along with me to ensure survival. It could be used to build shelter and maybe even assist in catching some food. Assuming though food and shelter

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Laughing through pain

I’ve known many who when confronted with pain, react immediately with uncontrollable laughter. I have also seen it described in various forms as a nervous reaction but the reasons given point to something much deeper. Nervous laughter itself is both … Read More

Putting boys in blue

I remember going to a store with my mother and she wanted me to pick out wallpaper. It would be too expensive to decorate the whole room, so it was just a trim at the ceiling i was choosing, and … Read More

How to have explosive orgasms every time

Click bait, it’s easy to grab your attention with the right hook. That’s the key to explosive orgasms, focus and attention with little to no effort.

I have researched supplements, machines, length of time between orgasms, triggers, and the list … Read More