Rubbing you the wrong way

Opposable thumbs are a gift to humans because of the ability to master the use of tools, genitals, and also the ability to knead and manipulate sore muscles in a relaxing massage. They are however fleeting, a tease, and perhaps a form of unintended denial.  How often have you really had a massage that lasted […]

That old shed in the woods

Those movies where the friends dare each other to go into a haunted house on occasion depict scenes of triumph and moments of confidence and achievement. It’s typically not a mission participants willingly sign up for.  What i recall the most about those scenes are two things. 1. The hero / protagonist usually carried something […]

Winning is everything

I like to challenge myself sometimes to prove the argument for alternative lines of thinking because i myself play by the rules, am a nice guy, and generally fall into the category of doing what i am supposed to do.  So what’s so important about winning? It’s all about having fun, integrity, teamwork and collective […]

Starley Se-Quinn

The concept of having greatness thrust upon you, and living up to expectations is one that intrigues me and always has. I rue the idea that expectations are something to aspire to, when so many feel anxious to do so. However, being given a larger than life goal or persona, it is often the case […]

Free cookies from the bakery

Growing up i spent time with my grandmother, getting chores done, running errands and she loved going to the bakery for bread. Each day, one roll or a danish for desert, something that she could have gotten once a week but the experience made it more enjoyable to eat, and naturally it was fresh each […]

Being heard

We have all felt at some point in time that our voices, opinions, or feelings are not being heard, acknowledged or appreciated. Myself, i feel a lot of the time i express an opinion or feeling without explaining its origin. The result is that i often feel misunderstood, and one cannot feel acknowledgement or appreciation […]

Stuffing my pants

It’s fairly regular for me to have to stuff something into my pants. That’s what makes these panties special 😉 Mistress asked me to wear my garters to work today and i thought, oh fun the blue panties will go nice with my white stockings, under my blue jeans, and nobody will know what a […]

Stripping it down to the studs

This was not in reaction to, but is nonetheless a good response to an advance i received based on nothing more than the protocol and the practice of submissive males wearing panties. I have often said that my mood can be affected by the clothing i wear, but the purpose to me doesn’t change. Underneath […]

Bows and Arrow

Some of the earliest tools were developed to be precise and efficient, bows and arrows have existed for over 20,000 years and variations are still used today. Simple solutions solve simple problems and reach goals efficiently. If you feel the tools you use are no longer effective, before seeking new ones, evaluate what goals have […]