Floggers are amazing impact toys. They can provide a variety of different feelings. As well as made from a variety of different materials. You can also easily improvise with various materials. Floggers can be thuddy, stingy, soft, rough, and even tickling. It all depending on length, weight of material, weight of falls, and number of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Aftercare

Aftercare is the recovery from a scene or play, where a set of actions help the mind and body relate to the change in physical and emotion energy expended. It is common for feelings of sadness or a sudden emotional response to occur in the hours, and sometimes days following a scene. Coming up with […]

Creating an Aftercare Kit

If you have a good sense of what your needs are, and you know the type of scene you are getting yourself into, it’s time to put your own list together of things you will need in order to create your own aftercare kit. The items in an aftercare kit will be different for everyone […]


When I first heard about sounding it immediately went on my hard limits list. Largely I would say due to having absolutely no idea about it and the fear of putting something inside the penis. Phantom pain I guess would be the best way to describe it, even without trying it. Our mind works in […]

Communication in BDSM

Communication is not only a key factor for life,happiness and balance but in BDSM as well. Recently I did some research on mental health with BDSM and communication was one of the biggest factors for allowing those who practice the lifestyle to be more balanced and healthy mentally, which ties into this topic in many […]