Post Apocalyptic Protocols

I had this discussion last night about maintaining a journal and protocols, if you have nobody to share them with. As all worthwhile discussions do, the depth of the circumstances escalated and the question became, if the world had ended and you were the last person on earth, would you maintain the protocols for sanity’s […]

The robust aromatic flavors of passion

Filling your cup is a common metaphor for reaching satiation through various means. In all ways metaphorically and literally, rare moments of feeling full should be celebrated and revered. Appreciate those moments by recording them, allowing you to recall them for a future date. Remember the smell, the sound, sight, taste and feeling, because they […]

Statues and their purpose

When a decision is made to honor a person’s greatness and legacy, typically they are rewarded with a a naming, or a statue, a physical representation on display. A handprint and a star engraved in pavement is the most recent form of honoring our highest regarded idols as they allow us to imagine the scale […]

The curious tale of Cupcake Cottontail

Cupcake’s journey began in earnest; sparkle and shine, She will claim you as Mine. Before long he glittered, his heart raced and it flittered, yet his mind it still jittered. He soon took to dancing, leaping and prancing, inviting much glancing, still he kept on advancing. To show his conviction, he tested restriction, and found […]

I like my penis

Penises get a bad rap, they are the frat boys of the male anatomy, always looking for mischief, getting others into trouble and staying up all hours of the night. In contrast, approaching a Domme or a set of Dommes is like attending a tea party, it’s formal, there are rules, and you better be […]

Submissive Poses Week

This week I requested the submissives to practice their submissive poses. The poses were reviewed by myself and the other Dommes, feedback was given to each of the submissives who participated. I chose to do submissive poses because it’s a great learning opportunity for both subs and the newer Dommes. I also wanted to do […]

What’s in a kinky name?

I am all about nicknames, for most of my life i have had one to the extent that some of my closest friends went years without knowing that it wasn’t my real name. It’s a name i associate with my youth, with accomplishments of the past and i can quickly assume a lighter more jovial […]

Your inner dialogue, your champion

Someone commented to me about my inner dialogue, sharing those thoughts that happen at certain times but i don’t know if it quite captures the voice and the spirit of what it hear. It’s based on the situation and where it comes from, and it’s an interesting view that says a lot about my submissive […]

Do you need protection?

Pride can sometimes prevent us from making sound decisions, whether it is decisions in sexual practices and sexual partners, or engaging in fetishes and scenes. Something often overlooked is the role of the protector, and the need for having someone to help evaluate situations that could place you in harm. When the discussion of exploring […]

A glittering experiment

Today i was tasked to cover my cock head with blue glitter.  i want to see how that affects me.  Will it make me horny, thirsty or feel vulnerable?  Will it motivate or inspire me?  Not sure what will happen. i completed the task.  At first i was doing volunteer work so it had little […]