Submissive Poses Week

This week I requested the submissives to practice their submissive poses. The poses were reviewed by myself and the other Dommes, feedback was given to each of the submissives who participated. I chose to do submissive poses because it’s a great learning opportunity for both subs and the newer Dommes. I also wanted to do […]

Selfish vs useful

Freaky Friday i have not kept it secret how horny i have been feeling all week.  Never i gone through something like this before.  It is different though.  Usually a horny guy wants a release, but that is not how i feel.  It has increased my desire to be useful. After yesterday’s writing combined with […]

Burning for Chip’s Wood

He arrived in town in a fog, his old 2 door coupe wheezing it’s way to the fire station in anonymity but was immediately identified through the haze as that big city boy. Naomi watched from the her window as he stepped out of his car, tall and clean in tight denims and a loose […]

Treo gets Oreo Cookies

It had been years since the great battles where Tigers fought off the onslaught of Lions and Elephants who threatened to steal their land, their resources and their women. Treo now worked as a clerk in an office, 9-5 doing data entry fighting battles in the boardroom – how he longed to sink his teeth […]

Image Prompt 65

Image prompt 65 His moans were getting louder, body visibly attempting to hold back the immense waves of pleasure coursing through him with jolting force. She smiled at his fierce desire to please Her, obviously focusing every fiber of his being to resist succumbing to the overwhelming stimulation that She artfully delivered. His body shook […]