Eating my panties

There’s a benefit to wearing tight tiny g-strings that i am able to expose more of myself to outside elements. The smaller the string the better, letting it sink deeper and deeper between my naked ass cheeks, and bury itself in my thighs and between my legs like i am absorbing them. At times i […]

A blank canvas is more than a blank slate

Being at the ready, creating the right conditions, there ways to ensure that you are ready to start a new relationship, a new scene, or a new discussion without being overzealous. D types can sometimes create impossible situations where only the perfect situation or predictable response will result in a successful outcome. Submissives will often […]

It’s not just a formality

There are protocols we create to solidify the dynamic we want to establish. It’s easy to treat those as suggestions rather than requirements. It’s also easy to infer meaning to those rules beyond their intention. It can be as simple as a preferred title, or as complex as a ritual, understanding the meaning behind protocols […]

Thick skin

One of the amazing aspects of being among the kink community at large is the acceptance and inclusivity of all variations of diversity. It does not mean we are free from judgement or prejudice however, and we should remember that it requires discipline and dedication to remain in a positive headspace and routine. So many […]

What tickles your fancy

Putting into practice the type of Dominant or submissive you wish to become isn’t entirely of your own design. It’s important to recognize where the archetype you designed came from, often the ideas from unrealistic sources like porn, or Tumblr show scenes that are staged or choreographed. When put into practice the reality becomes unfulfilling. […]

In a heap on the floor

There are moments when piles collecting on the floor show the weight of what we carry. It could be physical, emotional, your possessions or your body, picking up heaps can be a tricky task. Surveying the weight, it’s easy to approach it with caution. I have been guilty of being overly cautious, and underwhelming in […]

Infomercials that speak to you

That blue diamond pan.called out to me one night, the static hum from the faucet setting the mood as i methodically rinsed and scrubbed the day’s dishes. A flash of light from the television and a voice, it described the process of cleaning, the causes of culinary catastrophe and the solution to my ending the […]

Stretched and worn out

I absolutely love putting my jeans through a hot wash cycle then throwing them into the dryer so they get all tight and snug on my body. The outline of my cockhead constantly visible, my balls teased and spread like beads on an abacus. My mostly naked ass cheeks encased in denim, baking like potatoes […]