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The Value of Service to the Dungeon

Understanding that Power Exchange means that chastity is enforced, and tasks are mandatory, acts of service are rewarded.

This week the submissives will define Power Exchange and come up with ideas of positions … Read More

Why your best isn’t good enough

Effort doesn’t equal success, it’s a hard lesson to learn but a very valuable one when you expect an outcome based on your contribution. From childhood you hear expressions like just do your best, or you gave it your all, … Read More

That’s not your job

Submissives in D/s relationship often feel the need to take responsibility over the happiness of their Dominant. It has nothing to do with topping from the bottom, or taking control, you can’t be responsible for your D’s happiness because it’s … Read More

Basking in nothing

I don’t spend a lot of time looking at myself, but it doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate my body. Wearing panties for me is a symbol of my devotion to serve Mistress who chooses them, my willingness and pride in … Read More

Give your chest a rest

Calm your tits has become a fun phrase albeit part massagynistic in nature. Something very Jerry Springer comes to mind when i hear this being said, a fight so involved that tits become exposed, it’s kinda hot but the point … Read More

Filling it in

Understanding our reactions sometimes requires going deep, but how can you get there without overanalyzing and overthinking things.

I love to say keep it simple, but it’s far down the road of solving problems, before you even understand what the … Read More

Just for the fun of it

Laugh. It’s not important why, just please laugh. 

I have to confess that at times i think i am slowly destroying the fabric of BDSM with mockery and meme, but ultimately what i really want, for everyone i come in … Read More

Flogging with a feather

How deeply that lust can feel, when the opposite of frenzy – the anticipation of nearness, reaches a tipping point that requires the lightest of touch, a tiny spark to ignite. I was reminded of a teaching moment, early in … Read More

When you commit to change

Controlling yourself is not the same as having control, and the two can easily be confused. Lost submissives appear like zombies in the night, thirst has turned to drought and desperation is apparent, when self discipline is beyond reach. I … Read More

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